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Finding the perfect food for your pet can be tricky, especially if you’re a first-time dog or cat owner. Until now! Our pet food finder helps you find the right Big Dog pet food for your fur baby, keeping them healthy, satiated and happy.

While our name may be Big Dog, you can use our handy tool to find raw dog and cat food based on your pet’s needs no matter the size. When using our dog food finder, we’ll ask you for your dog’s age, weight and if they have any special needs. Our cat food finder will ask for your cat’s age and dietary requirements.

Whether your pup or kitten has sensitive skin, allergies, arthritis or you just want to make sure they stay in fighting shape, you can trust us to provide a nutritious and delicious solution.

Our mission at Big Dog is to create the healthiest natural pet food to help your best furry friends thrive. We only use 100% Australian human-grade ingredients to manufacture our pet food and use no fillers, preservatives, chemicals, or other nasties that could harm your pet.

Purchase Big Dog pet foods through our suppliers

With suppliers across Australia stocking Big Dog, finding our raw pet food has never been easier. Whether you live in New South Wales, Queensland or Western Australia, you’ll be able to pick up a packet of our nutritious pet food. If you would like more information about our raw pet food product range or pet food finders, contact us today.

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