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A biologically appropriate raw food diet can improve the health and wellbeing of your pet.

All Australian, all nutritious raw produce

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Raw and unprocessed

No artificial nasties or fillers

Low carb, grain-free

Human grade ingredients

Premium meat proteins

Happy families

A friend suggested Big Dog maybe 6 months ago now and the change in our little guy is amazing. I wish I had found Big Dog sooner. He really is a changed dog. Read the full story...


I cannot stress to family and friends how good your products are. It just makes so much more sense than feeding them something that’s not natural. My dogs are a walking example of how changing to a raw diet improved their health. Read the full story...

Chelsea and Max

He snores less, breathes easier, he has more energy, can walk for longer, we rarely have those dreaded anal glands issues that are common with pugs, and no more itchy skin  since he started eating Big Dog. Read the full story...


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