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How do I transition my pet to your raw food?


We always recommend slowly introducing raw diets over 2 weeks. The reason for this is to minimise any potential for stomach upsets which can happen if a change in diet is sudden. Some pets will have no issues with a quick changeover in diet, however to be sure, we do recommend slowly introducing the new food.

Day 1-3: 20% New 80% Old

Day 4-6: 40% New 60% Old

Day 7-9: 60% New 40% Old

Day 10-12: 80% New 20% Old

Day 12+: 100% New Diet

Simple transition to raw food with Chris Essex

Which product should I feed my dog?


Big Dog has a product suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Our core range of diets are flavour based, mixed protein diets that provide all the macro and micronutrients your dog needs to be healthy and happy. These include protein, amino acids, healthy fats (including omega-3 fatty acids), moisture, antioxidants, probiotics, prebiotics, fibre, phytonutrients, active enzymes and essential vitamins and minerals. Mixed protein raw food diets, most closely represent an evolutionary diet. The predominant protein source in each of our core diet range represents the flavour of that product. Our core range consists of Beef, Chicken, Combo, Tasmanian Salmon and Lamb.

Our single protein, allergy range is formulated for dogs with food intolerances to certain meats, most commonly being beef and chicken. As a single protein diet, our Kanga and Turkey diets contain only muscle meat, offal and bone of these species. Additionally, Kanga may also be suitable for overweight dogs, with a fat content of only 4%.

Our Scientific range has been formulated to address dogs with health conditions, assisting from the inside out. The Sensitive Skin diet contains an abundance of natural anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids designed to promote healthy skin, coat and a stronger immune system, as well as long term healing and reduction of potential future skin issues. Our Wellbeing Diet has been specifically formulated for overweight dogs and dogs with common chronic health conditions including arthritis, pancreatic issues, liver problems, renal conditions and some cancers. It is lower in fat with a mixture of traditional healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting herbs.

For more information on each product, see our products page for dogs.

Is your food 'Complete and Balanced'?


Big Dog recipes are a Complete and Balanced Diet for healthy growth in puppies and health maintenance in adults. Our substantiation to support this claim is based on the outcome of a successful feeding trial with Smart Pups Assistance Dogs, our charity of choice.

The exception to this is our Kangaroo Single Protein Diet which is too low in fat and calories for growing pups, as our Wellbeing Diet as they are specifically formulated for mature dogs and weight loss.

For giant-breed puppies we recommend getting in touch with your vet and looking into our Goat Diet.

Feel free to contact our staff if you had any questions in regards to our diets here at:

For more information on our diets being Complete and Balanced check out our article 'Complete and Balanced by Nature'

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