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Do you use HPP (High Pressure Processing) on your packaging?


No, we don't.

HPP - High Pressure Processing is a non-thermal food preservation technique that kills microorganisms that can cause diseases or spoil food. It uses intense pressure for a certain time and has minimal effects on taste, texture, appearance, or nutritional values. At Big Dog, we don't have the need to use this process as our food is frozen.

Are your plastic pouches BPA-free?


Yes, the plastic used to package our patties is BPA-free.

Are your probiotics microencapsulated?


Absolutely! Microencapsulation plays an important role in protecting probiotic bacteria from the degradation that the digestive system was designed to do. It ensures they can stay viable through to the colon and, most importantly, get absorbed and benefit the pet’s health the way they are intended.

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A podcast series brought to you by Big Dog Pet Foods, the leading pet nutrition provider in Australia, with over 20 years of experience in the pet industry.

Hosted by various members of our Big Dog team, we bring you interviews and deep dives into pet nutrition and care, training, and regular 'Ask a Vet' segments.

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We value transparency and are proud to take our customers Behind the Scenes to show them our processes and our fresh, quality ingredients

For helpful tips and tricks on nutrition, behaviour, and more, check us out on Pooches at Play.

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