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What is a dog feeding calculator?


A dog feeding guide calculator can assist you in determining how much food to give your dog based on their characteristics. By being aware of the nutritional requirements for the breed,you may prevent giving your dog too much or too little food.

How do I use a dog feeding calculator?


Just enter your pet's name, species, weight, age and preferred flavour to use our feeding calculator. The recommended daily food intake will appear on the screen after you click "Calculate." This would help you in monitoring your pet's weight and adjusting their food intake to maintain a healthy weight range.

If you have any questions or need help using our calculator, contact us — we’d be glad to help.

What information do I need to use a dog feeding calculator?


To utilise a dog feeding calculator, you must primarily know your dog's weight and age. Other things to consider are their favourite meat and how often they eat daily.

How accurate are dog feeding calculators?


It's important to remember that our dog feeding guide calculator in Australia is merely a recommendation, although it may be reasonably accurate.
Your dog's demands may change based on characteristics like metabolism, health and other variables like if they take probiotics.
A veterinarian should always be consulted to determine your pet's ideal feeding schedule.

Are there any dog breeds that require different feeding calculations?


Not the breed as such. Levels of activity, age and environment affect the guidelines on how much to feed your dog. For example, a small breed dog - like a Jack Russel - may have a higher metabolism and need more frequent meals than a larger dog. However, a small dog like a Pug that normally doesn't exercise much, would need less food.

Do I need to use a dog feeding calculator if I'm already feeding my dog a balanced diet?


Yes, it is important to know the guidelines on how much to feed your dog even if you are feeding a balanced diet, as each meal needs to be balanced in nutrition, but also needs to be in the right amount. Using a calculator will ensure you're giving the right quantity may be a good idea if you observe your dog growing or losing weight.

Can I adjust my dog's feeding plan based on their activity level?


You should alter your dog's food based on how active it is. If your dog is more active than usual, it may need more food to maintain energy levels.

What should I do if my dog is still hungry after following the recommended feeding plan from a calculator?


A lot of dogs, especially the ones that are food driven, might display behaviors of wanting more food, that does not mean that they need more. We often say, feed the dog in front of you, if your dog is on the ideal weight, it means the amount of food that you are given is correct, to check the ideal weight you can use this guide. If your dog is still hungry after following the recommended feeding plan from a calculator and is losing weight, you should consult a veterinarian. Your dog may have an underlying health condition affecting their appetite or need a different type of food or feeding schedule. Alternatively, you can visit any of our branches near you to find nutrient-rich pet products to introduce to your pet for a more satisfying meal without overfeeding.