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Kangaroo + Salmon
Purple Sweet Potato + Beetroot

Elevate your dog's mealtime with our Kangaroo and Salmon DIY raw dog food roll. Packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients, our roll allows you to tailor a well-rounded, healthy and nutritious meal.

2KG Bulk Roll

Available in PETstock's around Australia.

Go wild and free with our DIY recipe

Our 2kg Kangaroo and Salmon with Purple Sweet Potato and Beetroot rolls are a great option for DIY raw feeders looking for the perfect base for their pet's food bowl. This recipe uses Australian Kangaroo meat, bone and offal as well as fresh, ethically farmed, whole Huon salmon. This recipe includes a blend of purple sweet potato and beetroot for nutritional support.  

The ingredients used in Wild and Free foster healthy growth and development in dogs. Kangaroo meat is a rich protein source important in providing energy, healthy growth and muscle repair throughout life. Salmon has anti-inflammatory properties to promote healthy ageing, healthy joints, and a healthy cardiovascular system. Purple sweet potato has immune-boosting properties, while beetroot supports muscle function. Both ingredients support gut health, provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and work as an antioxidant.

This product is a recipe base to be used in conjunction with plant matter or other supplementary products to provide complete nutrition for your pet.

How it works

We provide the base..

Carefully sourced raw ingredients that you can trust to start as your base. Build your dogs dream bowl with wild and free provide
the extras.

Nutritional Information


Crude Protein 16.0%

Crude Fat 10.0%

Carbohydrates <1%

Calcium 0.8%

Phosphorus 0.5%


kJ/100g 610kJ

kJ/serve (250g) 1,525kJ


Kangaroo (meat, crushed bone & cartilage, heart, lung, liver, kidney), Tasmanian salmon, purple sweet potato, beetroot.

Storage and Handling

Keep Frozen

Store frozen. Thaw before feeding, do not thaw and re-freeze.

Defrost Properly

To thaw, place portion(s) in a container and allow to thaw in the fridge. To accelerate the thawing process, place in a sink of warm water for 15-30 minutes.

Storage and Safety

This is a completely natural product with no preservatives; once thawed, it must be used within 48 hours.

Wash Well

Standard safe hygienic practices should be followed at all times when handling fresh, raw food; ensure all utensils, work areas and hands are thoroughly washed with warm soapy water after being in contact with raw food.

Feeding Guide

How to build your pet’s bowl your way

Complementary Feeding - This product is intended for DIY raw feeding. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs when used in conjunction with a balanced recipe to provide complete nutrition for your pet.

We recommend using WAF for 90% of your dogs daily nutritional needs and 10% of their diet to be comprised of additional plant matter of your choice.

For example: A 10kg adult dog requires 310g in total per day, 90% of this is 280g of the Wild and Free roll, and the remaining 10% is 30g, which is to be used for plant matter. If adding other ingredients that aren’t plant matter, you would need to take less of the Wild and Free roll to ensure you are not overfeeding your dog*.

Step 1

Calculate how many grams of food your dog requires based on their weight and lifestyle.

*Our feeding guidelines are just a general guide, but it is a great starting point when working out how much to feed your pet.

 2-12 months12+ months
Body Weightgrams / daygrams / day
2 - 6 kg310 g175 g
7 - 10 kg545 g310 g
11 - 14 kg725 g410 g
15 - 19 kg915 g520 g
20 - 25 kg1,130 g640 g
26 - 31 kg1,345 g765 g
32 - 36 kg1,540 g870 g
37 - 40 kg1,690 g960 g

Step 2

Calculate 90% of the total grams required by your dog and portion your Wild and Free roll accordingly.

 2-12 months12+ months
 Body Weightgrams / daygrams / day
2 - 6 kg279 g31 g157.5 g17.5 g
7 - 10 kg490.5 g54.5 g279 g31 g
11 - 14 kg652.5 g72.5 g369 g41 g
15 - 19 kg823.5 g91.5 g468 g52 g
20 - 25 kg1017 g113 g576 g64 g
26 - 31 kg1210.5 g134.5 g688.5 g76.5 g
32 - 36 kg1386 g154 g783 g87 g
37 - 40 kg1521 g169 g864 g96 g

Step 3

Step 3 - Thaw your portion or roll overnight.

Step 4

Calculate the remaining 10% of total grams per day needed. Use the remaining grams for additional plant matter.

*Serving suggestion only