Addressing this sensitive topic can, at times prove somewhat challenging. A lot of pet owners are often quite unaware that their dog is carrying excess weight. In one market research study, veterinarians estimated that 47% of their patients were overweight or obese – while only 17% of owners held a similar observation about their dogs.1, 2 Lack of dog-owner perception and education is one of the underlying obstacles in maintaining a healthy canine weight.

Image of a dog enjoying a KONG Classic with quote "Feeding from enrichment-based toys not only slows eating, but provides a satisfying mental and physical challenge. "

As with humans, weight loss can be achieved through dieting and exercise. Unless unhealthy owner habits are permanently changed (i.e. avoiding excessive treating, insufficiently exercising their pet), weight management will fail in the long run.

The Healthy Path to Weight Loss  

  • Opt for a species appropriate healthy diet and reducing current daily allowance.
  • Choose healthy treats and eliminate free-feeding.
  • Feed two to four smaller servings throughout the day.  
  • Ditch the bowl and make your dog work for their meal. Consider the use of slow feeders and food-dispensing toys to increase activity, deliver controlled portion size and biologically fulfil the dog at the same time.

Using A KONG to Support Weight Management

Feeding from enrichment-based toys not only slows eating, but provides a satisfying mental and physical challenge.

KONG Classic

The KONG Classic

The KONG Classic and Big Dog make the perfect combination! Food can be stuffed into the KONG to help prevent the unhealthy gulping and rapid eating that can lead to other digestive problems. And you can freeze the KONG to extend the challenge.

The Key is 3! We recommend having 3 KONGs - a KONG in the dog’s mouth, one in the wash and one in the freezer to keep your dog satisfied. Using multiple Big Dog stuffed KONG Classics will extend feeding time and make a small portion of food go a long way, keeping the dog occupied for prolonged periods.


The KONG Licks

One of the biggest challenges with the proactive pet parent is not over doing the training treats. Using your dog’s daily food allowance as their training reward is a great way to cut back on the excess food consumption. The KONG Licks is the perfect way to do that. KONG Licks licking mat is designed in the classic KONG shape and sticks with suction cups to most hard surfaces, it is ideal for bath times, grooming, and vet visits etc. Alternatively, it is a great way to break up mealtime and have the dog working a little harder.  

KONG manufactures a variety of interactive toys that encourage movement and exercise through play. Enrichment and play can be complimentary to any weight loss program, helping your dog to maintain a healthy weight, while having fun along the way.

KONG Cleaning Brush


Cleaning your KONG’s after using wet food can be a bit challenging. All KONG rubber toys are top-rack dishwasher safe and can be washed with the rest of your dishes. In conjunction with this, the KONG Cleaning Brush is another useful addition to the kitchen. They are antimicrobial, mold resistant, BPA-free and designed for those hard to reach places.  

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