Weight to go! Low fat diets for doggos

There can be lots of reason why dogs gain weight – maybe they’re less active these days? Or they’ve got intense puppy dog eyes? Perhaps their processed diet has caught up with them?

It can be a tough one to accept, but extra weight on your dog can have health implications and lower quality of life for them.


I love you just the weigh you are

We understand that, as pet parents, we can’t always see the weight on our pets. We’ve got a handy guide, which is used by many veterinarians, to help you check your dog to make sure they’re in the healthy range:

The ideal body shape would ensure that there is minimal fat covering the ribs and that the ribs can be easily felt, but not obviously seen. When viewed from above your dog’s waist should be clearly discernible from their rib cage. Dogs should also have a visible abdominal ‘tuck’ when they are viewed from the side.

If you’ve got a ‘floofer’ and can’t see their body shape under all their fur, you can use the knuckle test:

View our full article on determining your pet’s weight.

We understand that, for a lot of dogs, food is their passion and meal time brings them so much joy. That’s why we provide 2 low-fat recipes for dogs.

From a scale of 1 to 10, I love food 100

Low fat meal options

Wellbeing is our most nurturing recipe at 6% fat. This mixed-protein recipe can be enjoyed by all adult dogs but is especially good for senior dogs as it’s a lower fat diet than our standard range of diets, you will also find the protein has been reduced, not significantly, but reduced enough so we can include a more extensive range of ingredients that we believe will encourage the slowing of the ageing process and the fight against inflammation.


Kanga is our leanest recipe at 4% fat. This single protein recipe can be enjoyed by all adult dogs, and being a wild game source, Australian kangaroo has minimal to no exposure to environmental chemicals, making it even more suitable for dogs that suffer from allergies.

Kanga Kangaroo Recipe

To support your dog’s weight loss journey, regular exercise is important and has many benefits for your dog. Start with gentle exercise, perhaps a short walk, while your dog builds up their fitness.

Our recipes taste so good, they won’t know they’re ‘on a diet’.

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If you’re new to raw feeding, we recommend you take a look around our website. We offer heaps of information for pet parents in our FAQs and Raw Feeding Guides.

If you’re ready to switch to our raw food, check out our Transition Guide to minimise digestive upsets.

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