Can I feed my dog extra bones?

Raw, uncooked bones are a great inclusion into your dog’s diet as they provide a natural source of calcium and glucosamine-chondroitin which help strengthen bones and joints.

Our recipes already contain 10% crushed bone and cartilage,however whole bones are also great for dental health as they’re known as natures toothbrush. If you were looking to add whole bones to your dog’s diet ensure that you adjust their overall intake as both our recipes and a bone could cause too much calcium and result in white stools.

We recommend to feed a raw meaty bone in replacement of a similar sized portion of your dog’s food. Ensure to feed bones suitable for teeth cleaning such as chicken, turkey or beef bones and stay away from weight-bearing bones that may have the potential to cause harm. Get in touch with us if you were having trouble choosing the right bone-size for your pup and remember, feeding bones should always be a supervised activity.