Three specialty ranges

Our raw food for dogs is available in three speciality ranges. Each comes in conveniently frozen portions, making delicious, healthy food easy and convenient for you.

Our core range of raw dog food is a mixed protein blend of red and white meats, providing convenient dietary variety and offering maximum nutrition to keep dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages happy and healthy. Available in six delicious flavours, it’s simply natural pet food, loaded with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants just as nature intended.

Perfect for dogs who experience intolerances to some proteins. Using low-allergen proteins these diets only contain the meat, bone and offal of a single species and are also known as single meat protein diets.

A scientifically designed range of food for dogs who suffer from skin conditions such as allergies or require specific dietary support for joint health, liver health, kidney health or weight loss.

When it comes to raw dog food in Australia, you won’t find a better range than ours. Completely Australian made, our dog food is prepared following the BARF principles and is jam-packed full of all the nutrients they need. At Big Dog Pet Foods, we are proud to make some of the best raw dog food in the country and guarantee that we only use 100% natural ingredients.

Our commitment to producing the healthiest and freshest dog food, with no nasties or unhealthy fillers, stems from the belief that our furry best friends deserve to be treated with all our love and care. To help you further provide the best diet for your pet, we have a page full of news and videos with informative content and stimulating articles.

For any questions regarding Big Dog raw and fresh dog food products that aren’t answered below or in our FAQs section, please reach out to us directly. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help with any queries.


Is Big Dog Pet Foods raw dog food safe?

Yes, all of Big Dog raw and fresh dog food is completely safe for your pet. The only precautions you should take are the same ones that apply to raw meat you would buy for yourself: keep the products refrigerated and wash your hands carefully after handling food. For pets that have experienced intolerances before, we recommend trying our single meat protein diet (SMPD) raw dog food.

What is BARF dog food?

BARF is an acronym that stands for “biologically appropriate raw food" or “bones and raw food”. As these names indicate, not all raw dog food is BARF dog food. The principle of the BARF diet is to feed your pet the diet their ancestors ate — meat, fruit and greens that are fresh, raw and uncooked, in the appropriate balance. 

Is it okay to mix kibble with Big Dog Pet Foods raw dog food?

Yes, you can mix our Big Dog raw products with kibble. While we believe that feeding your four-legged friend our fresh dog food is better for their health, combining fresh and dry food (called co-feeding) might be your preferred solution. Having kibble on hand can be a good backup plan in case you run out of our BARF raw dog food and want to speed up feeding if you are pressed for time. Just remember to adjust the feeding portions accordingly and not give the total recommended daily amount of both products.

How do I safely introduce my pet to Big Dog Pet Foods raw dog food?

Whether your dog was already on a raw diet or is transitioning from a dry one, we recommend you introduce our Big Dog raw food slowly over 2 weeks. By doing so, you are minimising the risk their stomach will get upset by the change and are giving their digestive system a chance to adapt.

The following is an indication of the best practice:

Day 1-3 — 20% new 80% old

Day 4-6 — 40% new 60% old

Day 7-9 — 60% new 40% old

Day 10-12 — 80% new 20% old

Day 12+ — 100% new diet

Where can I buy Big Dog dog food?

You can shop for Big Dog BARF dog food in Australia and overseas at all the best pet stores and BARF dog food retailers. The list of stores is growing every day — simply use our store locator tool to find the closest one to you, complete with their website and contact information.

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