Where to Buy Sydney

Big Dog Pet Foods offers many options to the increasing number of pet owners switching to a raw diet for their pets. With over 20 years of experience in providing the highest quality pet foods to fur parents throughout the wider Sydney area, we are the brand you can trust. If you have been wondering where to buy fresh pet food of the highest quality in Sydney, then you have come to the right place. Big Dog Pet Foods contains only fresh, high-quality, natural ingredients and is both safe and nutritionally complete. For raw cat food and raw dog food in Sydney, look no further than our retailers.

Whereto buy fresh pet food in Sydney

Since Big Dog Pet Foods is the leading supplier of raw cat food and raw dog food in Sydney, a very large number of locations stock our nutritious and delicious products. Big Dog raw pet food is available at pet specialty stores across the Greater Sydney area, so there is sure to be a stockist close to your location — making keeping your pet's food fresh and on hand is easy and effortless. You can find our raw cat food or raw dog food in Sydney in all of these Greater Sydney areas:

  • Sydney CBD
  • Sydney Eastern Suburbs
  • Sydney Inner West
  • Sydney Western Suburbs
  • Sydney Northern Suburbs
  • South East Sydney
  • South West Sydney
  • North West Sydney
  • Central Coast
  • Wollongong
  •  Blue Mountains

Please use our store locator tool to find the store's details.

Make the switch to healthy raw pet food today

Big Dog Pet Foods are made with human-grade ingredients and the safest manufacturing process to ensure your pet’s health and safety. Visit your nearest Big Dog Pet Foods Sydney stockist and start feeding your pet the natural raw diet that Mother Nature intended. If you have a question about how and where to buy fresh pet food in Sydney not answered by the FAQs below, please contact us for more information.


Do you deliver your raw pet food to Sydney addresses?


Not at this time. Big Dog Pet Foods products are currently only available in selected stockists and premium pet food stores.

What is your range of products, and do all Sydney stores carry everything?


Our main range of raw food for dogs comes in a choice of flavours, including Tasmanian salmon, lamb, and beef. Each comes in conveniently frozen portions, making delicious, healthy food easy to serve to your pet at any time. We also carry patties for small dogs and specialty diets that promote wellbeing and skin health. The Big Dog's raw food for cats comes in two flavours — kangaroo and turkey. We also have probiotics for dogs and natural, healthy dog treats. Generally, all of our stockists carry a full range of our products. Still, it’s recommended you call ahead to check if your desired product is in stock if your heart is set on a specific one.

If I buy your raw pet food in Sydney, how long does it stay fresh for?


We understand that no one wants to go to the pet store to buy food for their pet every day. As long as you follow our recommendations for home storage, you can keep our patties refrigerated in your house for up to two years after their packaged dates.

Can I purchase your cat and dog food online in Sydney?


Currently, Big Dog Pet Foods products are only sold in stores across Sydney. While we don’t offer online sales directly, some of our stockists do have this service. So it’s possible that you can make your purchase online with them.

Why should I buy your raw pet food in Sydney instead of getting it from a company that delivers?


Big Dog Pet Foods is a family-owned business with more than two decades of providing quality foods to pets in Australia. Our raw pet food contains only human-grade ingredients and no synthetics or fillers, providing the perfect balance of nutrition for cats and dogs. We also follow safe manufacturing practices and minimal processing to create raw pet food that is both nutritious and as natural as possible. With almost countless locations across Sydney, in-person purchasing of quality food for your pet that will keep them healthy and happy is easy.