Where To Buy Raw Pet Food In Melbourne

With a focus on natural ingredients and giving your dog everything they would need from a diet in the wild to survive and thrive, Big Dog Pet Foods is revolutionising mealtime for your pup. Whether your four-legged friend is struggling with food sensitivities and allergic reactions, or you just want to give your puppy the best chance at a long and healthy life, a raw food diet can help keep your pooch happy and thriving, no matter what their breed.

Premium quality raw pet food in Melbourne

Big Dog’s raw dog food contains a carefully blended mix of ingredients that mimic the kind of unprocessed food dogs need to be their very best. Just like their wild canine and wolf ancestors, dogs thrive when eating a diet rich in lean proteins, with some bones and cartilage, along with vegetable matter from the type of plants wild foraging dogs would eat naturally. Our raw pet food formula is bolstered with cold-pressed flaxseed meal, kelp powder and brewer’s yeast to supercharge your pet’s health with human-grade ingredients.

Choose from delicious proteins like Tasmanian salmon, beef, chicken and kangaroo. Looking for pet food to help your fluffy friend with a specific health concern? Select a special formula raw dog food to support ageing and weight loss, our skin sensitivities or low allergen options to help irritated pups find relief. 

The raw pet food Melbourne pet owners love

Big Dog Pet Foods products are proudly made with the finest, unprocessed ingredients to give your dog the best possible nutrition with a complex blend of foods they’ll love to eat. If your pup has a specific issue you’d like to tackle through their diet, or if food sensitivities have made mealtime a sore spot in your household, switching to a raw food diet rich in natural ingredients may make all the difference. Talk to our team today about finding the right blend for your pet.


How long will your raw dog food last?


Our conveniently frozen portions make it easy to keep a supply of fresh dog food in your freezer, ready to be thawed out for mealtimes with ease. Frozen Big Dog Pet Foods can last for up to two years after their packaged dates. When you’re ready to serve, simply thaw in some warm water for a delectable meal they’ll love. 

Where can I buy raw dog food in Melbourne?


At this time, Big Dog Pet Foods are only sold at quality pet food stores across Melbourne and can’t be ordered on our website. You can find our raw dog food in all good pet care stores. To find your local stockist, please use our store locator.   

How can I find out more about Big Dog Pet Foods raw dog food?


Got questions about whether a raw food diet is right for your pup? Want to know an answer to a specific health concern? Make sure to visit our FAQs page, and discover the difference raw dog food could make in your dog’s life. 

What is BARF dog food?


BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Not only is our raw dog food complex and nutrient-dense, but it’s specifically designed to mimic the kind of protein-rich forager diet that they would consume in the wild. Free of excessive carbohydrates — which are hard for dogs to digest — your pup will love our range of BARF dog food in Melbourne.