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Fanny, the Pug... Big Dog's oldest customer?

Fanny's Story

I realised when Fanny was 2 years old that her diet was affecting her health. She had constant urinary tract issues, psoriasis on her paws and weeping eyes...I had read about BARF diets and decided to try her on it. I also read a lot about the contributing health issues of dogs on dry food diets.

As soon as we started using Big Dog I instantly saw her eyes were not weepy, her dry paws went and her coat was extra soft and shiny. Her urinary tract issues stopped and I believe that it’s because her system wasn’t being dehydrated with a dry food diet.

I tried a couple of different brands but some of them were too garlic-ky smelling.

Big Dog had lots of variations which I like as I didn’t want her getting bored with the same flavour (like a pug wouldn’t eat anything I hear you laugh!!)

It was probably that I liked that there were lots of options for her and handy sized packs make it easy to use, which I think is very unique to Big Dog and very user friendly. I liked the consistency and smell of the food.

I do believe it has helped Fanny to stay healthy and age well.. people can’t believe she’s almost 14 when they meet her! She’s a bit mental!!!

I have 2 other dogs, a pug cross ELVIS (black) and a Maltese Cross BETTY who also eat Big Dog.

I love the fact that Big Dog is Australian too so you know the quality of all the ingredients can be trusted.

Thank you so much Big Dog for taking care of my dogs nutritional needs and keeping my dogs healthy.

P.S. Fanny is strong willed cheeky stubborn n totally deaf now !! She rules the roost over her younger siblings !!! She’s loving and the absolute light of my life x 💕

Lots of love, Wendy, Fanny, Elvis n Betty x x x

Jake, the Shar Pei x Lab

Jake's Story

This is my dog Jake. He's a Shar Pei x Lab and he's a beautiful 8 year old rescue! I adopted him about 18 months ago and he'd been on a kibble diet for his entire life.
He used to react horribly to any dry food with chicken in it. He was suffering with dry, itchy skin, terrible dandruff and reflux.
Once I switched him onto Big Dog raw (with a small amount of quality kibble) - his issues stopped completely. Now I can feed him any of the Big Dog ranges, plus raw chicken frames, necks and whatever the butcher happens to have in!
We've had no issues since and his coat is beautifully glossy and shiny. Obviously sensitivities are different for every dog, but I've found that my boy is totally fine on raw food, while dry food is a skin nightmare for him.
Thank you Big Dog. –Meg (Jake’s Mum)


Fletcher's Story

Everyone knows how many obese Cavaliers there are out there. I feed my three dogs the Wellbeing patties so that we can manage their weight and physical condition, while also ensuring that they get a yummy, balanced meal. The patties are loved by all my dogs, all three of whom are in beautiful condition, as you can see in the photo. At the age of 11.5 years old, Fletcher is still actively competing in dog sports, including agility, and we regularly receive double takes from judges in the conformation ring when they ask how old he is (note: age is just a number to Fletcher, so shhhhhh).
Thank you, Big Dog – we love your food!

Luca, the Italian Greyhound

This is my Italian Greyhound, Luca. When he was a young chap, he had so many problems with an upset bowel. He would get a grumbling tummy, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, general malaise, and at his worst, haemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It was terrible and he was very unhappy. This went on for many months. Many vet visits and medications did not solve the problem, nor did swapping to ‘sensitive’ foods. The vet assumed he must have had an irritable bowel disease! 😞
After doing some research, I discovered that chicken can be quite irritating and difficult to digest for many dogs. Chicken made up a large part of Luca’s diet and is found in so many dog foods. I decided to try Big Dog Single Protein Raw Food (both Turkey & Kangaroo flavours). We have not looked back! Since changing to this diet a couple of years ago, he has never had a single problem since. He mostly eats the Kangaroo flavour. We love it! 😊 Can highly recommend!

Maverick, the Cockerspaniel

Maverick’s Story

Our cockerspaniel Maverick is crazy for his Big Dog food! We transitioned him over to raw food from his puppy dry food after he was having reoccurring stomach upsets. We thought plain dry food would be best but he would often have days of diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach pain, we would give him a week on chicken and rice to settle him but it would happen again after returning to the kibble.
We transitioned him over to Big Dog nice and slowly, there were a few little stomach upsets as we transitioned but nothing like he was having and we persevered (with the addition of Big Dogs’ probiotic supplement) because he loved it so much! Now, a month later his stomach is all better. It worked a treat for him and it’s also super easy and convenient for us. We also couldn’t believe how much more manageable his poo is! Living in an apartment, this is a huge plus for us after cleaning up diarrhoea for so long.
We’re so happy to see him back to his active, happy (and handsome!) self!

Maverick now happy and healthy

Thea's story

We thought we were giving our puppy a premium diet on “high quality” kibble but after a month she became aggressive and we didn’t know why. We were recommended to your range of food and switched Thea over with very little expectations but after 4 weeks, our pup was a different dog. She now has a great temperament and actually wants cuddles and kisses where before she would bite you if you wanted to pat her tummy. It turns out that the kibble upset her stomach and she was in quite a lot of pain which we didn’t pick up on at the time. She now loves attention and affection and we’re so thankful for that.

Jorden's story

Pets: Donut and Mia

All 3 of my dogs have been on Big Dog since 8 weeks of age and absolutely thrived, but I noticed my Pomeranian, Donut, would get really bad indigestion and itchy, smelly skin, feet and ears. After some trial and error we figured out he is allergic to chicken! I switched him over to the Sensitive Skin, as I love that it’s chicken and beef free and made with fish. Combining the Sensitive Skin with the Big Dog Probiotic has done my little boy wonders and he’s living his very best, un-stinky life!


Matthew's story

Pet: Chaos, Maltese cross

Matthew's story: One of my dogs, Chaos, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer growing on the right side of his muzzle, and by the time we got him in for surgery, he was given a pretty poor diagnosis. After a difficult surgery,followed by a few more surgeries, and a few days recovering and not eating, I had to find something he could chew with his new mouth, minus a lot of teeth.

I came across Big Dog at the local pet store, and it seemed to tick all the boxes. Big Dog was one of the first things Chaos even considered eating, and he’s loved it ever since. Besides a few weird looks at the dog park, Chaos has been 18 months’ cancer free, and is living his best life, although he does have trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth, I’ve been recommending Big Dog to friend and family ever since.

Wendy's story

Pet: Parker, Toy Poodle

Wendy's story: My boy Parker has had shocking health issues. The vets thought he had Cushing’s Disease. After testing they said he did not, but could not tell me why he was losing hair, was pot-bellied and couldn’t hold his wee. He had really bad arthritis. And we thought about putting him to sleep. A friend suggested Big Dog maybe 6 month ago now and the change in our little guy is amazing. His hair grew back, he stopped sucking up water like he was dying of thirst, he doesn’t pee as often and his arthritis has improved about 50%. It has even stopped the thick, smelly tear staining. Parker is 14 now and I know for the time he has left, he will only be eating this. I just wish I had found it sooner. I feel it really saved Parker's life. He really is a changed dog.

Tania's story

Pets: Chelsea, Australian Cattle Dog and Max, American Staffordshire Terrier

Since changing from dry and processed food to Big Dog, our two dogs have been given fantastic health reports from the vet. Chelsea (Australian Cattle Dog) now has a beautiful thick coat, shiny eyes and fantastic teeth. Max (American Staffordshire Terrier) was diagnosed with a kidney problem and his levels were under normal since he was 5 months old. Since changing in the last 12 months and since his last test, his levels have come back to a mid-normal range. The vet could not believe how the levels improved in a dog of middle age. He wanted to know what I was feeding him and what was actually in the food. He also said his kidneys are obviously coping very well with the food and amount I am feeding him. I cannot stress to family and friends how good your products are. It just makes so much more sense than feeding them something that’s not natural. I am so glad we made the switch, as my dogs are a walking example of how changing to a raw diet actually improved their health. - Tania

Jasmine's story

Pet: Gary, Pug

Our pug, Gary, had been on a vet recommended kibble diet for all of his life, he also had a ‘seasonal itch’ and had steroids often for the itch. Our baby started to put on weight and eventually developed pancreatitis. He was put on a very strict kibble prescription diet, which gave him very little joy. He didn’t lose weight on the recommended feeding amount so we gradually reduced this and at half the recommended feeding amount we eventually saw him lose some weight (500g in a year). Thank Dog we heard about Big Dog Wellbeing! First of all, I have never seen Gary more excited for his meal, secondly he started losing weight and now maintains his ideal weight! He snores less, breathes easier, he has more energy and could walk for longer, we rarely have those dreaded anal glands issues that are common with pugs, and no more itchy skin  since he started eating Big Dog 18 months ago. We’re so thrilled that we found Big Dog for our little man because it honestly makes him happy and keeps him healthy.

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