an illustration of a green poo

We’re here to answer the very commonly asked question: “why is my dog’s poop green?” Dog stools that are green or have green contents in them can be caused by a few different things. This can range from simply eating grass to something more serious such as toxin exposure or an intestinal disorder. We know that no matter how cute your pup is, inspecting their poop isn’t an ideal way to spend your time, however it’s incredibly important in ensuring they’re healthy and getting everything they need.  

If dogs are colourblind.... what colour do they see their poo as????

So, what causes green dog poop?


The most common culprit for green poop is (drum roll please): grass! Your pup might be helping themselves to an extra snack outside which is colouring their poo. While ruling out if this is the cause, check what else your pup may have gotten into that could be responsible for the green colouring. This can be anything from green crayons, pencils and paint to green treats or foods we’ve shared with them (1).  

“A little grass snack won’t hurt” - My Dog after eating twice a day

Toxin Exposure:  

If you’re still noticing green poop after a few days, it is likely something more serious such as toxin exposure. If you think your dog has consumed rat poison, cleaning products or any other toxic products, take them to the vet immediately. Toxin exposure may not show up for a few days; symptoms to look out for along with green poop is vomiting, shaking, nausea, pain and discomfort and bleeding (2).

If you know what your pet has consumed, take the product with you to your vet to give them as much information as possible to help.  

Intestinal Disorders:

A number of intestinal disorders can lead to green poop, it is best to check with your vet if you suspect your dog’s green poo is caused by the following:

  • Biliary or gall bladder infection: Along with green poo you may notice a drop in appetite and abdominal pain due to inflammation (3).  
  • Compromised absorption in their intestines: This is a result of bile being trapped and building up, causing blockages (3).  
  • Parasite Infection: You may notice a green colour and slimy consistency. If you believe they have a parasite infection, look out for constipation or straining while they poop. Giardia is a common parasite that can result in a greenish tint to your dog’s stool, you will likely notice a soft watery consistency along with weight loss (4).  

Any other green poop combined with pain and discomfort, difficulty pooing, fevers and vomiting may be a sign of intestinal disorders. It is best to consult with your vet.

Green Contents like Mucous:  

an illustration of a mucous poo

If you notice green mucous coating the stool it may be a bacterial infection, this can be caused by bile not being absorbed in their intestines. Your pup’s digestive system is trying to clear it out, monitor this for a few days and if it doesn’t clear up, head to your vet to get it checked out. You may be asked to bring a sample of their stool in so your vet can get the best idea and understanding of what’s happening (5).  

What should Healthy Dog Poop look like?  

Once you’ve noticed the green colour disappearing from your dog’s poop, it is important to still monitor their poops and ensure they return to a healthy colour, consistency and normal contents (it’s just like picking out a diamond!). You are looking for a light to dark brown colour in your dog’s poo and consistency that is firm and easy to pick up. You may still notice grass or leaf content, if it is large amounts and constantly in their poop, check their diet is giving them the nutrients they need (6).  

Click above image to download Poo Chart PDF

You can use our handy Dog Poo Chart to keep an eye on your pup’s poop, most of our customers keep this on their fridge so even their guests can see just how much they love their pets! We’d also keep our Dog Poo Guide on hand for any other quirky colours, contents or consistencies that come up in your dog’s stool.  

Healthy poos deserve a medal (this only applies to dogs, sorry)

If you’ve just transitioned your pet to raw feeding/ a new diet it is not uncommon to see a change in their stool, however it should fix itself pretty quickly; if it doesn’t it’s best to consult a vet.  

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