How do you feed a dog with skin issues? If your dog is itching and scratching you can feed them a diet that supports their immune system and nourishes their skin. Highly processed diets can exacerbate the problem, which is why we recommend a raw, natural diet to not only reduce the strain on their immune and digestive systems but actually support them. Sometimes the simple transition from a processed diet to a raw, unprocessed diet can sort out their skin issues.

For dogs who may have an itch due to a dietary intolerance we recommend getting in touch with a holistic veterinarian or canine nutritionist to discuss an elimination diet. When dogs are suspected to have an allergy to something in their diet, they’re often switched over to a novel protein diet. We have 3 novel, single protein diets currently in our range; our Kangaroo, Goat and Turkey recipes.

If you find your pup has an issue with something in their environment we recommend narrowing down the options to find the culprit and removing it. This can include things such as plants, yard sprays, diffusers or even deodorants. Check out this guide Why is my dog itchy?

As well as working towards identifying and eliminating allergens from your pets environment, introducing our Sensitive Skin recipe can help assist with the dietary management of allergies. This recipe helps to promote a healthy skin, soft and shiny coat and a stronger immune system through its inclusion of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, cold-pressed coconut oil and activated chia seeds.

For extra support, we recommend including a probiotic into your dog's daily intake. Probiotics have a positive effect on us and our dogs in many ways - read more about probiotics.

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