three labrador puppies running

We believe that our wonderful Smart Pups deserve nothing but the best, and what better way to ensure they are healthy and happy than with an all-natural, delicious, and healthy raw pet food?

Our Smart Pups love Big Dog Pet Food; they are weaned onto and fed exclusively on this raw food diet.

blonde labrador service dog giving high five

One of the primary reasons we choose a raw diet for our Smart Pups is because they are nutritionally dense natural diets which have not been impacted by cooking or other manufacturing processes that decrease the nutritional value of food. They are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, important for the neurological development of our Smart Pups’ brains as well as rich in all the other nutrients required for healthy growth and development.

We love that Big Dog Pet Foods has created the healthiest natural food that our Smart Pups were born to eat and thrive on, and we are extremely grateful to have the support of Big Dog Pet Foods who believe in our challenge of breaking down barriers to create safer communities for young people with special needs and their families.

chocolate labrador service dog

This compassionate backing which includes a weekly donation of over 300kg of food makes it possible for us to continue to train amazing Medical, Seizure Alert, Autism and Mobility Assistance Dogs.  This incredible initiative allows Smart Pups to enrich the lives of children with special needs by providing them with highly trained canine companions that improve their physical health and safety, independence, confidence, self-esteem, social interaction, life experience, happiness, and wellbeing.

Big Dog Pet Food, good food, doing good things.

- Janelle Denny
Chief Executive Officer of Smart Pups