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chefs and dogs with big dog pet foods raw patties and heart shaped moulds

The perfect Valentine’s Day doesn’t exi…. Oh!  

This Valentine’s Day Cake for your dog is the perfect way to show your best friend some love in their favourite love language.

What you’ll need


- Cake tin
- Spoon
- Cake spatula
- Bowl
- Small microwavable jug
- Piping bag
- Tooth pick
- Small bowl
- Knife
- Peeler
- Pot
- Potato masher
- Sieve
- Love heart shape moulds  


- Big Dog raw patties
- White potato
- Beetroot juice
- Carob
- Greek yoghurt
- Gelatin
- Kefir
- Dragon fruit powder
- Beetroot powder
- Pomegranate powder
- Water


Step 1: Fill cake tin with chosen Big Dog raw food blend, smooth the top, then pop into the freezer.

Step 2: Peel, dice and boil three large potatoes.

Step 3: Strain once soft, mash and pass through a sieve until smooth.

Step 4: Add 80 mLs of beetroot juice (or until desired colour is met) and mix.

Step 5: Grab cake from the freezer, let it sit until you can take it out of the tin.

Step 6: Place the cake on a serving plate.

Step 7: Use cake spatula to ice using the beetroot potato icing.

Step 8: Place the rest of the icing mixture into a piping bag and pipe onto the cake.

Step 9: Roll extra Big Dog into small balls, stick with toothpicks then freeze.

Step 10: Add Greek yoghurt and a small sprinkle of gelatin into your small bowl and dunk toothpick balls in. Wait until set and remove from toothpicks and add to cake.

Step 11: Pour kefir, gelatin and desired powders into a bowl and mix.

Step 12: Pour into love heart shape moulds.

Step 13: Once the moulds are set place them onto the cake.

Step 14: Let the cake defrost before cutting.

Ready to serve to your beloved dog.

valentines day cake for dogs made by chefs and dogs and approved by Alkai


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