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When starting out on a new diet we recommend speaking with a Pet nutritionist, Holistic vet or trusted raw food manufacturer for your dog or puppy's daily individual needs.

For this recipe we used a rough guide of  70% muscle meat 10% bone 10% offal 10% plant matter, while using as many ingredients from big dog pet food chicken recipe and some other seasonal ingredients.

More DIY tips here:


- Scissors
- Mortar & pestle
- Small serving bowl
- Spoon 
- Knife 
- Grater 
- Peeler 


- Chicken 
- Beef liver 
- Beef kidney 
- Beef tripe
- Salmon 
- Seasonal Fruit: Green banana, Cucumber apple, Mandarin, Blueberries, Raspberries, 
- Vegetables: Purple broccoli, Carrot 
- Goats whey 
- Wheatgrass 
- Egg 
- Cold pressed flaxseed oil
- Psyllium husk 
- CanineCeuticals Gut Restore


If using a whole chicken, cut off the desired part. We chose the chicken wing. 

Place into the mortar and pestle and grind down until minced.

Using your scissors snip and add 5% beef liver and 5% beef kidney into your ground chicken. 

Using a spoon add in your psyllium husk, wheatgrass & kelp. 

Include small amounts of seasonal fruit.

Drizzle in cold pressed flaxseed oil and give it a light mix with the pestle. 

Using your spoon, scoop into your desired feeding bowl. 

Using your knife, slice up your cucumber apple and add it to the chicken, then grate your purple broccoli over the chicken. 

Use a spoon or any desired utensils to add in your goats whey. 

Finely slice and cube your raw salmon and place on top. 

Next add in your tripe (avoid bleached) 

Crush your egg with the shell, we used a jar. Pushed the egg inside, then gave it a shake and pour a small amount on top (you can store the remaining egg in the fridge for up to 3 days). 

Next we added Canine Ceuticals "Gut Restore"

Lastly, use your peeler to peel the carrot and add a small thin slice.

Time to serve that little puppy.

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