With Taylor Swift and The Era’s Tour touching down in Australia we thought we’d share some tips on including your pets in the celebration (in other words, I wanted an excuse to talk about Taylor Swift at work more)! As a cat-enthusiast herself though, we know Tay would be thrilled to have our pets joining in on the festivities.

If you’ve seen anything online about the Era’s Tour in the last year, you have probably started making friendship bracelets to swap with swifties at the show. So our first tip is to get your pets involved and make them one too! May we suggest the classic “Karma is a cat” or more creative “Tim McPaw.” Personally, we will be making “Taylor Swift is THE Big Dog” to give her when she picks us to receive the 22 hat (I’m delusional). (Don’t leave your pets unsupervised with beads, you can’t risk losing any beads). Check out this cute security pup at one of the concerts receiving Friendship bracelets.

You can turn your pet into the Era’s Tour Poster or better yet, dress them in a costume from your favourite Era, please send or tag us on any photos if you do this.

If you’re heading to her concert, make sure you stumble on home to (my) your cats and if you’re still petty your neighbours’ got tickets and you didn’t you could take a page out of Rebekah’s book and steal their dog and dye it key lime green, using dog safe dye, (Taylor couldn’t fit this advice into The Last Great American Dynasty lyrics).

If you’re scared about post-concert blues, countdown to her new album – “My boy only breaks his favourite toys” might be a song written about our dogs. We’ll find out April 19th!

Alternatively, use your cat and dogs as an emotional support animal while rewatching your videos or the tour documentary every day until Taylor is back in Australia again. Or if you get really desperate, check out Taylor in “Cat’s” the musical.

Don’t forget your pets can MEAT us at midnight because You belong with MEAT or you can see why This is why we can’t have RICE things (Learn more about processed carbohydrates in your pets diet here). Even Taylor knows Raw feeding is best! We had to make this somewhat educational.

We’d also recommend sharing this video with any Big Dog Goat loving pups to make mealtime more festive over the next few weeks.

If you liked this blog, consider writing to Big Dog to ask them to send me to another concert.