by Arianne Sackville, Bell & Bone

Arianne Sackville is the founder and owner of Bell & Bone who are famous for their natural, no-nasties dental sticks. Arianne is passionate about dental health for dogs and the perfect person for us to chat to about this important topic. Arianne uses her knowledge of the industry, working closely with vets to share her expertise in this article.

What are the signs of dog dental disease?

There are various signs to watch out for that may indicate your dog is suffering from dental disease, but these three are quite common:  

  • Really bad breath
  • Staining on teeth
  • Discomfort when eating

What are the potential risks of leaving dental concerns unaddressed?

It is recommended to have a dental check-up with your vet every 6 to 12 months. Leaving your dog’s teeth untreated can lead to some painful diseases and your dog may develop Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, and infection. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have regular dental checks with your vet.  

Top 3 tips for dog dental health

Fortunately, pet parents can work with their vets to prevent dental diseases and we also have the power to improve our pup's dental health every day.  

Daily tooth brushing

a cute illustration of a dog with a tooth brush

This is the number one option to ensure your dog’s teeth stay pearly white and free of plaque and tartar control. As you can imagine, dogs can be resistant to having their teeth brushed so it’s a good idea to start when they are young, if possible. Making it an enjoyable part of their regular routine, will make it easier on both of you in the long run.

Bell & Bone dental sticks

a cute illustration of a dog with heart eyes for a dental stick

If your dog is resistant to daily tooth brushing or you simply don’t have the time to brush their teeth daily, Bell & Bone Dental Sticks are the perfect natural dog chew to help maintain your dog’s daily dental hygiene needs.

Our dental sticks are a vet-recommended dog dental chew, made with all-natural ingredients, and include 2 active ingredients that are proven to help reduce plaque and tartar. Our dental sticks will help freshen breath and have a range of dental benefits when given daily.

A species-appropriate diet

a cute illustration of a dog ready to eat raw food as a part of a species-appropriate diet

Nutrition is the foundation of your pet’s overall health. The best dog food for dog dental health is to feed a natural, species-appropriate diet including muscle meat and raw meaty bones typically have overall healthier mouths. A raw diet provides the right environment for a healthy oral microbiome, as natural live enzymes help prevent tartar build-up.

As you can see, a good dental health routine can help prevent many painful dental issues. When in doubt, or in the event of health concerns, always consult a professional.

About the Author - Arianne Sackville, Bell & Bone.

Arianne Sackville with dog, Louie, of Bell & Bone

Arianne Sackville, is the owner and founder of the healthy dental care brand for pets, Bell & Bone.

Born out of frustration with the food standards of the pet food industry, Arianne realised she needed to make the difference and be the change in the market she wanted to see, which saw her launching her business Bell & Bone with one goal in mind, to help put an end to the dental health crisis amongst our pets – 80% of dogs, and 70% of cats will have gum or dental disease by age 3. She is motivated by giving her dog Louie, and all dogs alike, the best chance at a healthier and happier life through food.

The Bell & Bone range of Melbourne-made, dental sticks were developed with industry experts and are vet endorsed, with natural and active ingredients scientifically known to prevent and reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Arianne is motivated about making a much-needed positive change to the pet health industry, as well as being committed to community support and actively helping a wide range of animals through her partnership with and donations to RSPCA Victoria.

Bell & Bone donate 10c from every bag sold to RSPCA Victoria to help fight against animal cruelty and find all animals their forever homes.

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