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chef and kelpie from chefs and dogs with big dog pet foods
Chef Dan with his furbaby Alkai

Dan from Chefs and Dogs shares his recipe for easy, homemade Chicken Carpaccio for you to serve up some fine dining to your dog. You don’t have to be an experienced chef with this recipe; there’s no cooking involved and there are only a few steps.

chicken carpaccio recipe for pets dogs

What you’ll need


- Knife
- Serving plate
- Spatula
- Teaspoon / Supoon
- Grater  
- Peeler


- Big Dog Chicken patty
- Quail or chicken egg
- Garlic
- Edible flowers
- Big Dog probiotic
- Asparagus

*This recipe uses our Little Bites, which have been deleted since this video was made. This step can be skipped without affecting the recipe.


Step 1: Peel your Big Dog patty while semi frozen and slice thinly

Step 2: Plate in a straight line on your serving plate

Step 3: Crack your egg and place the yolk with a supoon / teaspoon on top of the Big Dog patty slices

Step 4: Grate 1/5 of a garlic clove

Step 5: Add the egg shell

Step 6: Cut a small amount of edible flowers or your dog's favourite herb

Step 7: Add a sprinkle of Big Dog probiotic

Step 8: Peel 3 thin strips of asparagus and place around the Big Dog patty slices

Ready to serve.

Kelpie dog eats fancy dinner chicken carpaccio
This recipe is Alkai-approved!


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