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Goats Whey


Green Banana


Goats Whey

Goats whey is created when the curds and whey are separated from goats milk. Doing so leaves behind the first stages of cheese making (curd) and the liquid whey which is packed full of protein, amino acids, and is also very highly digestible. 

Did you know: Chickens & quails can benefit from goats whey also? Try soaking your chicken or quails food in it before feeding it to them.


It's believed that the oldest salmon fossil was found around 50 million years ago. When I think about salmon today and making the ingredient shine, all you really need is a nice fresh piece with a tiny bit of soy sauce (for me). Keeping this ingredient away from heat really amazes me when served at the highest quality, salmon is one of the highest sources of omega-3-fatty acids which is essential for brain health and so much more. 

Green Bananas 

While there are many more benefits than just one, green bananas (unripe) contain higher amounts of resistant starch. As they ripen and turn yellow the starch is then broken down into sugar. Resistant starch ferments in the large intestine creating a healthy digestive tract by feeding beneficial bacteria in the gut, this helps improve your dog's gut health and even yours (go try one).


The most bioavailable source of protein for both you and your dog containing all the 9 essential amino-acids. Before throwing egg shells out next time you have breakfast, simply grind up the shell and feed them to your plants.

Hey, no peeking Calean!

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