Your star sign as a doggo! Are you a bold Leo or a social Libra?

We’ve been borking and pawing at star charts and scratching at our moon to bring you this heckingly accurate summary of the zodi-yap!


German Shepherd

Calm - Loyal – Leaders

Your presence is palpable and pleasant to be around. All the other dogs want to follow you around the dog park and be seen as part of your pack. We imagine that you probably have a pretty strong yap on you since Mariah Carey shares this sign.



Bull Terrier

Loyal - Charming – Protective

You’re protective of the ones who feed you and will stick by them whole-heartedly off leash. You’re more charming than Colin Firth’s accent and all the other dogs want to date you.



Bichon Frise

Playful, Clever, Energetic, Adaptable, Moody

You are more lovable and adorable than Betty White. You’ve got a ripper sense of humour and you’re mad keen for zoomies.




Protective – Loyal - Calm - Loving

Your soothing presence makes your loved ones feel happy and secure when they’re around you. You love a good cuddle and will be straight in there to lick away tears. You love your pack and they love and appreciate you right back .



Shiba Inu

Bold - Big Personality - Independent

You’re happy napping by yourself in the sun, but you’re always first to sniff other dog’s butts and clear the air. You love the fuss that people make over you because you command attention more than Jack Nicholson’s eyebrows.



Border Collie

Observant - Sensitive - Hardworking

You work harder than Beyonce gearing up for a Lycra photoshoot. You like to observe situations and will often look to your loved ones for guidance before taking a plunge at the dog beach.




Social - Affectionate - Gentle

You avoid confrontation – why can’t we all just get along?! You’re also full of love but find yourself indecisive about whose lap to snuggle into – so you snuggle them all.




Charming - Strong - Loyal

You will hide your human’s shoes if they serve dinner late but would also fight a mountain lion for them. You also don’t mind your own time to sit and reflect on the snacks that were.




Energetic – Playful - Bright

Your ideal adventure is a long car ride to the dog beach, riding shot-gun next to your human. You enjoy pretending to understand human language and stand up on hind legs when they use that high pitch puppy voice.




Patient – Loyal – Intelligent

You are the Steve Jobs of dogs. The top of puppy class and most likely to invent a new trick, but also you eat humble pie, so everyone is happy to see you succeed. All the pats for you.




Friendly - Outgoing – Dependable

You’re a better friend than Rachel Green and put in the effort to keep the gang together. You’ve always got time for a chat and a treato with your mates whenever they need you. Bork, bork come over for zoomies, friend!




Charming - Mischievous – Loving

The puppy dreams are constant in this sign and when you wag your tail - you wag your whole body! *adorable! You’re also most likely to steal treats when you think people aren’t looking – it’s harmless fun.

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