Agatha Rose (“Aggie”) is an 8 year old rescue mutt, adopted August 2013. She’s a shy, timid and anti-social little princess weighing in at only 5.4kg but with a heart of gold. Aggie’s transition to raw food is something I’d wanted to do for a while after reading up about the health benefits, I felt a fresh, raw diet would suit her very well.

The first day!

Aggie was very excited when I opened the box and took out a patty. I was worried she wouldn’t like this new food because she can be a picky eater so this was a good start.  The patty 100% passed Aggie’s taste test! She ate it with no hesitation whatsoever which was amazing to see as Aggie usually has a good sniff before she tries something new. She cleaned her bowl completely and followed me around for the rest of the evening, hoping for more. I’m excited to see the improvements Big Dog can make on Aggie’s overall health! She’s had no digestive upsets or disruptions so far which is a major plus.

Early days

The food has had no negative effect on Aggie’s stomach or droppings - 24 hours later - and she, once again, very happily gobbled it down tonight, licking the bowl clean as she did yesterday. I got the feeling that she had been looking forward to dinner every night as she followed me expectantly into the kitchen whenever I needed to get something for myself. This is a great sign for my picky eater.

I forgot to thaw the patty in the fridge beforehand so it was a little stiff but despite the extra challenge, Aggie was adamant to finish it. She has a tendency to walk away if she finds something too hard to figure out herself but the Big Dog patty must’ve been too good to give up on that quickly. A clean bowl once again, nice stool and I think she’s perkier during the day. This diet is - so far - treating her very well.

Trying some new things

Along with her patty (and kibble), I’ve introduced some fish oil, freeze dried raw chicken hearts, simply seaweed, and plain Greek yogurt.  I’ve made a personal decision to introduce her to some supplements and other ingredients to keep things interesting and because I’m reading so much about their positive health benefits for older dogs.

I’ve also fed her patty frozen and stuffed in a Kong which kept Aggie entertained for a whole hour! In the transition to raw feeding, I was really excited to give some enrichment toys a go. With something like a Kong, I was almost expecting Aggie to give up because she’s not known to stick at things very long if it’s proving to be difficult, but she didn’t! She’s still excited about her new food and dinner is her new favourite time of the day, thanks to Big Dog. I continued to feed her frozen with enrichment toys for a few days.

I’ve seen no digestive upsets and Aggie has been very enthusiastic about the diet change. I’m finding it really fun to break down what I’m feeding her and have taken this opportunity to learn more about dog nutrition. Big Dog has been essential in making sure Aggie is eating a balanced diet.

Over halfway now

Aggie still hasn’t had any negative reactions to the change in diet. She’s taken it all on board and is loving it. Her poops are looking healthy and it’s helping manage her shedding (she’s a very heavy, all year round shedder). Her coat is already looking really shiny and feels soft.

For sure, we’re raw (fed)

At the end of the two weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in Aggie’s energy levels and well-being. The diet has treated her very well so far, getting her excited for dinner every night and giving her something to look forward to. It has managed her shedding - which is something the whole family appreciates, as Aggie has a very high shedding rate - and improved her coat and joint health. Big Dog has made the transition as easy as it can be. I look forward to rotating through the recipes to give Aggie variety and enjoyment.

Thanks Aggie and Jazmyn for sharing your Big Dog transition journey with us! To check out Jazmyn's beautiful pet photography and Aggie's tricks, head to their instagram - @ourcaninetale

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