Let’s face it, every dog is a cute dog but there’s no way you can follow them ALL! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of our FAVE cute doggo instagram accounts that you definitely need to follow… you’re very welcome.

Macy and Marshall


Golden retrievers and cute babies… um DUH! Sign me up right now!! Marshall has also been known to be quite the food reviewer and a regular on the Dodo… did someone say, celebrity?

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kangaroo



The queen of sass has arrived and she’s in the form of the most stunning black lab you’ll ever see… Miss Cali everyone. Part time model, full time broccoli connoisseur and did we mention she’s besties with Marshall the Golden?

Fave Big Dog flavour: Salmon and Sensitive Skin

Kaos and Mayhem


Long haired German Shepard… but make it DOUBLE, without the trouble! These two loveable good bois are sure to make you laugh AND melt your heart with their adorable head tilts – AWWW!

Fave Big Dog flavour: Turkey and Goat

Howard and Ned


Are they pugs, are they Chihuahuas? Howard and Ned the Brussels Griffons aka Rough Lord & Smooth Potato are the duo we don’t deserve but most definitely needed. Style icons and the kings of comedy, if you don’t follow them, you’re missing out!  

Fave Big Dog flavour: Chicken



Superstars Maverick and Watson are quite the actors. These talented good bois will keep you entertained for hours on end with their hilarious and very much relatable reels! Yes hours! We know you watch reels for hours, don’t lie to us.

Fave Big Dog flavour: Chicken and Combo



Rottweiler x Labrador = giant teddy bear! Caesar is the sweetest, most handsome man you will ever lay your eyes on and very popular with the ladies. We dare you to resist the urge to boop the snoot when he comes up on your feed. He’s also quite the sensation on TikTok.

Fave Big Dog flavour: Turkey and Beef



Lady Fi, the trendiest Iggy on the block. Accompanied by her younger brother Arlo, these two goof balls are endless entertainment! Expect lots of fluffy sweaters and even more doggo bleps.

Fave Big Dog flavour: Chicken and Combo



The most golden, golden you’ll ever see, Macie is the embodiment of the word “stunning”! From fighting with the bubble machine to playing at the beach or just a good old fashion golden smile, there’s something for everyone on Macie’s account.  

Fave Big Dog flavour: Chicken and Combo



If giant doggos running into the sunset on the beach is your thing (who would say no) then Bohdi is your man. Bodhi is #fitspo as heck, he’s definitely someone your doggo will have saved as their phone background for motivation.

Fave Big Dog flavour: ALL!

Arri and Kirra


Two adventure pups, it’s all in the name! Arri the Swiss and Kirra the Aussie explore the beautiful Western Australian beaches. How do they still look SO perfect when wet… Pamela Anderson WHO?!

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kanga and Goat



Influencer, model, hiker – Phoenix is the triple threat German Shepard you DO NOT want to miss from your feed. Follow Phoenix and his pawrents from rainforest to waterfall – beach to city, he does it all and looks STUNNING while doing it.

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kangaroo



German Shepard x Maremma Sheepdog x Saint Bernard = Yogi Bear the gentle giant! Huge paws, big brown puppy dog eyes, floofy coat… are you in love yet? Of course you are, what are you waiting for go follow this snuggle bug right now!

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kanga and Wellbeing



The most distinguished gentleman in all of Brissy, Oakley will make you wish you were born a snag! If you’re all about BIG VIBES then this is the account for you. Hill sprints up mount Cootha and brunch at the local café are just some of his activities that you do not want to miss on your feed!

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kanga



Rascal, or as his mates know him, “cake obsessed loaf,”  is our fave lil adventure Papillon! Enjoying all things outdoors with his friends, playing dress up and eating ALL the snacks, you’d be crazy to miss out on a single second if this action!

Fave Big Dog flavour: Kangaroo



These two rescue pups are rather famous around here. TV hosts on @poochesatplay with mumma/pet behaviorist @larashannon, Darcy and Vindi lead some pretty exciting (and very spoilt) lives! Can you be jealous of a dog?

Fave Big Dog flavour: Tasmanian Salmon

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