What is a raw food diet?

Raw food diets by definition are diets comprised of nothing but raw food.

Raw food diets can take many forms and the most popular of these is a BARF diet. BARF stands for biologically appropriate raw food or bones and raw food. This dietary model is based on the evolutionary diet animals would have eaten in the wild. Evolutionary raw diets are made up of fresh raw meat, offal, crushed meaty bones, vegetables, fruits and other healthy ingredients.

For more information on a Raw food diet for dogs – visit, “Evolution for dogs and a species appropriate diet”

Raw food diets are different for dogs and cats as they have different and unique dietary requirements.

Big Dog has a range of raw food diets in our range for dogs. You can view them all here.

Core Range – Our core range is our original BARF range; this is a flavour based raw food diet comprising of many different protein types. Using different protein sources allows for a wide variety of amino acids and is the range that best mimics an evolutionary diet where animals would have consumed varied types of prey.

Single Protein Allergy Range – this BARF range is for pets with allergies to certain proteins including beef or chicken and each product is made only from one protein source.

Scientific Range – these BARF recipes are for pets with specific health requirements and contain specific proteins and additional ingredients for pets with health issues.

Small Dog – BARF meals in smaller portion sizes and finer mincing for smaller digestive systems make this product perfect for puppies and small dogs.

Raw Bites - these are BARF recipes in raw bite sized portions. These are a great introduction to raw food or for co-feeding with other foods. Their gem size makes them a perfect option for small dogs and all of the Raw Bites are suitable for puppies with the exception of Kanga (it's too low in calories for growing puppies).

Nourish Nutrition - this specialised care range is also based on BARF principles and are mixed protein recipes, but they are loaded with supportive herbs to assist dogs with chronic health conditions.

Wild & Free - these rolls consist of meat, bone and offal, with a small amount of superfoods and plant matter. These are designed as the base for DIY meals so that pet parents can add any plant matter (or any additional ingredients) of their choosing. If you were to serve these rolls as they are, they will be closer to a prey model style of feeding rather than a BARF style. Wild & Free is raw food your way for the pet parents that like the freedom to customise their pet's bowl. These are not a complete BARF meal on their own.

Our Cat range has been specifically designed for cats with higher protein levels and taurine, an essential amino acid for cats. You can view these recipes here.

All Big Dog raw diets are 100% natural, no synthetic vitamins and minerals, artificial chemicals, colours, flavours or preservatives are present. All Big Dog diets are raw and uncooked to best preserve the quality and nutritional value of the proteins.

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