Is your food suitable/beneficial for pets with diabetes or at risk of diabetes?

Yes, Big Dog healthy raw food diets are very beneficial for pets with Type 2 Diabetes. Pets with, or at risk of Diabetes require a high quality diet that is complete and balanced. Big Dog is moisture-rich, balanced, species appropriate nutrition consisting of high quality protein, healthy fats and low-starch (sugar / carbohydrate) veggies.

It is vital to control a diabetic dog’s sugar levels by feeding consistent meals, with the same amount of calories and ingredients at fixed times each day. Our Big Dog range makes feeding your diabetic dog easy, with our calorie levels readily available and ingredients of each flavour labelled clearly on our boxes. Not only do our patties come in ready to eat, conveniently proportioned packaging, they are also made from the highest quality natural, raw ingredients and are a complete diet.

If your dog needs to lose some weight, Big Dog Wellbeing and Kangaroo recipes are lowest in fat and great choices for helping control weight.

Our Big Dog Probiotics can also help your dog’s gut health as it can aid in balancing out your dog’s digestive tract bacteria and microbiome. Research shows that a balanced microbiome can improve insulin sensitivity, and help manage the symptoms of diabetes.

Some helpful links to explore further include:,manage%20the%20symptoms%20of%20diabetes.