Introducing our Kangaroo recipe to your dog

Our Kangaroo raw diet is a great low-fat, single protein option in our range. Developed to be a single protein diet for dogs with sensitivities to other meat proteins as well as a low fat recipe for weight loss and dogs with medical conditions who require a lower fat diet.

Kangaroo is a very rich tasting meat so introducing it slowly to the diet for dogs that have not eaten kangaroo before, is important. We recommend to slowly introduce our kangaroo recipe over a 2 week period; slowly including it into the current diet and increasing the amount every few days or so.

The following transitioning guide is a great way to start:

Day 1-2: 25% Kangaroo 80% Old Recipe

Day 3-4: 50% Kangaroo 50% Old

Day 5-6: 75% Kangaroo 25% Old

Day 7+: 100% Kangaroo

Some dogs won’t need a slow transition to our Kanga diet and may do well in an immediate transition, especially if they have been eating our other recipes and are used to raw food diets. However, it’s best practice to go slow, just in case.

A sign that you may be transitioning too quickly with Kanga is regurgitation of the food. This is different to vomiting and happens soon after the food is consumed and does not persist. If this happens, go a little slower to let your dog’s digestive system adjust.

If your dog has been eating our Kanga recipe for some time and you’d like to introduce higher fat foods to their diet, also go gently here to avoid tummy upsets. Adding small portions of higher fat foods to your dog’s Kanga meals can help you introduce variety and or higher fat foods to your dog’s diet in a slow and gentle manner.