How much do I feed my pet?

Based on the nutritional content of our Big Dog raw food, we recommend feeding adult dogs 2% and puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs or working dogs 4% of their body weight daily.

We recommend feeding adult cats 2-3% of their body weight daily and kittens 4-6%.

You may find that other food brands and DIY recipes have different guidelines and percentages based on their nutritional content.

Our feeding guidelines are just a general guide but it’s a great starting point when working out how much to feed your pet. It’s important to remember that each animal is an individual and your pets’ metabolism, breed, size, age and activity level may affect their overall nutritional requirements.

Our feeding tables generally round up to the nearest convenient amount such as a half or a whole patty, but don’t be afraid to feed in quarters either, especially for smaller eaters. For example, 2% of a 10kg adult dog will be 200grams of our food, which is around ¾ of a patty.