Can I wean puppies on to your food?

We generally recommend our food is suitable when pups reach 1kg of weight or 12 weeks of age, whatever comes first.

A few breeders who use our food, do things a little differently and we have heard of a few ways this can work. 

1.      Transitioning from feeding exclusively from Mum to introducing puppy gruel, then raw mincemeat to get the pups tummies used to raw food, then transitioning to our food from about 8weeks of age.

2.      Transitioning from feeding exclusively from Mum to introducing cooked meat before then introducing to raw, then our food from about 12 weeks of age.

3.      Transitioning from feeding exclusively from Mum, straight to introducing a BARF-style raw diet such as ours.

The 3rd way is actually how our charity of choice, Smart Pups, transition their pups to our diet. Smart Pups dogs tolerate this approach really well.  

It also helps when the Mum is fed raw and her immune system will be used to a raw food diet and she will be passing this innate immunity onto the pups through milk. They too will then be more likely to switch to raw and tolerate it really well.

If you notice any loose stools or vomiting, back off the transition and go a little slowly with the addition of a probiotic supplement.

We make a Small Dogs Combo recipe witch is minced more finely and is better for pups when they are young.