Is your food suitable/beneficial for pets with kidney issues?

The way in which raw diets work to support the kidneys is quite different to the conventional approach feeding processed pet food diets.

Raw food diets are high in protein. High protein diets are not how processed veterinary diets manage kidney issues. However, the protein in raw food diets is extremely high quality. It’s also rich in moisture as raw, natural ingredients haven’t had the naturally-occurring moisture levels cooked out of them.

One of the biggest challenges in managing kidney health in pets is getting them to drink more water to help support kidney function. Dogs and cats don’t drink more water simply because we tell them it’s good for them, so providing a natural diet rich in moisture provides them with extra water as part of their meal,assisting in kidney health.  

The diet in our range most suited for dogs with kidney issues would be our Wellbeing recipe. This is because this diet also contains herbs which help support kidney function. Herbs such as alfalfa and nettle are mild diuretics.

If you’re interested in a natural approach to manage kidney health in your pet, we recommend contacting a Holistic Veterinarian or Canine nutritionist to manage your dog’s current kidney issues and how best to approach this from a dietary perspective.  

We have a number of successful cases in assisting with the dietary management of kidney issues with our food so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here to assist further.

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