Is your food suitable/beneficial for pets with kidney issues?

Pets with kidney disease require high quality, highly digestible protein, with increased water content and bioavailable nutrition. The entire Big Dog range is beneficial for kidney health due to the presence of raw, high quality real meat as the protein source in addition to a high moisture content.

For dogs with more serious kidney issues, we have our Kidney Support recipe in our Nourish Nutrition range. Nourish Nutrition’s Kidney Support recipe is scientifically formulated with raw and all-natural ingredients to support kidney function and health in dogs. We have carefully selected specific ingredients that assist in supporting the reduction of symptoms in dogs with kidney disease. Our nutrient-dense ingredients assist with stimulating appetite, reducing fluid buildup, natural detoxification and nourishment of the kidneys. This recipe is low in phosphorous which helps delay the progression of further kidney damage.

If you're thinking ahead about healthy ageing, and your dog is approaching their senior years, we recommend you introduce them to our Wellbeing recipe from our Scientific Range. Wellbeing is slightly lower in protein and phosphorus than other products in the Big Dog original range which provides excellent nutrition while lowering the burden on the kidneys. In addition to this it is higher in moisture and contains a mixture of traditional healing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and health-promoting herbs, including nettle. Nettle is a herb traditionally used for kidney health as a natural detoxifier, blood purifier and diuretic.

Be sure to work with your vet to understand the signs of acute renal failure to ensure you take appropriate action if you see any warning signs. If you’re interested in a natural approach to manage kidney health in your pet, we recommend contacting a Holistic Veterinarian or Canine nutritionist to manage your dog’s current kidney issues and how best to approach this from a dietary perspective.

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