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We are passionate about pet wellbeing and nutrition and for 20 years we’ve always made decisions with their health as our main priority. This is why pawrents trust us and have made us the number one Australian pet nutrition provider.

The fresh food movement is growing with dogs and cats being fed as family; as a result pet parents are calling for better standards and more transparency for your fur-kid products. We take our responsibility as leaders in our field to set better standards in the hope that others will follow for the betterment of pet wellbeing.  

What’s changed?

We’ve included as much information as clearly as possible so that our customers can make educated decisions about their pet’s diet, without being completely overwhelmed. We want to raise pet food standards; we already have high-quality, fresh food, so more transparent labels and packaging seem like the obvious next step to advocate for better standards.

There are changes to some recipes –our Mixed Protein Diets will contain only three different proteins. This will provide more options for dogs with allergies to certain proteins. Our Single Protein Diets will no longer include eggs in any of the recipes. These recipe changes are tasty for dogs and easy for pet parents with our quick recipe comparison guide and ingredients glossary.  

Our recommendations for feeding have been altered – we worked with Canine Nutritionist, Narelle Cooke, to develop a more detailed guide, we changed from % of bodyweight to energy required for all our dog recommendations. This will give pet parents better guidance to feed their furry kids.

Our kitten and adult cat feeding guidelines remain the same. Check out our new feeding guide calculator here.

We’ve always been open about where our ingredients come from, so our new packaging features a map of Australia to show you exactly where our produce is sourced...mate.

Map of Australia with Ingredient locations

We use fresh and carefully sourced ingredients through the human supply chain. We have found that the term ‘human-grade ingredients’ has caused a bit of confusion, particularly for new customers, and have decided to not to use this term. We have had long standing relationships with our raw materials suppliers, some for over 20 years, and we do not plan for this to change.  

Fresh and Carefully Sourced Ingredients, All Natural, Aussie Owned and Made

For years, we’ve been members of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) and we have included their logo along with the standard we have to meet for our pet food and marketing. You can read more about our Quality process, including third-party audits, here.  

We’ve highlighted our storage and handling instructions that emphasise that our product is raw and has no preservatives, which means care must be taken – just as it would handling your own meat products.

Pet Food Industry Association Australia

Check out all the changes in the video below.

Thank you for trusting us to be your pet's food provider.