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At Big Dog, we’re passionate about raw food for pets, but we know that feeding a raw diet 100% of the time isn’t always possible. We’ve taken our delicious raw food diets for dogs and freeze-dried them into ‘bites’, locking in all the health benefits of raw nutrition while providing the convenience of dry food.

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What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a popular method of preservation that has been around for a long time. Simply put, freeze-drying removes the water from the raw product and doesn’t require the addition of any preservatives because its low moisture content isn’t a hospitable environment for micro-organism. You can read our comprehensive article on freeze-drying here.  


Why Big Dog Freeze-dried Bites?

Our Big Dog Freeze-Dried Bites are delicious bites of raw healthy goodness based on the same high quality recipes as the Big Dog raw diet range. The convenience of bite-sized, freeze-dried portions makes integrating raw healthy nutrition into your dog's diet easier than ever before, with the confidence that can only come from using a trusted Australian pet food supplier with over 20 years experience.

Who can eat our freeze-dried dog food ‘Bites’?

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy our Bites. Our Chicken, Tasmanian Salmon, Lamb and Kangaroo recipes can be enjoyed by all adult dogs while puppies should not have our Kangaroo recipe as it is too low in fat for them.

For dogs with food intolerances or allergies, our Kangaroo flavour is a single protein recipe.

Big Dog Chicken Freeze-Dried Bites
Big Dog Lamb Freeze-Dried Bites
Big Dog Pet Foods Tassie Salmon Freeze-Dried Bites
Big Dog Kanga Freeze-Dried Bites Kangaroo SPD

How to serve our freeze-dried dog food ‘Bites’

Our freeze-dried dog food uses the exact same recipes as our raw dog food, which means they can be served as a complete meal.  

Our freeze-dried dog food can be rehydrated to bring the food back to its original form by simply adding water. Many raw feeders choose this option when they are travelling with their raw-fed dog and want to keep their diet as close to their raw food diet as possible.

Rehydrated it can be kept in the fridge for up to two days, we recommend only rehydrating food as you need it. If you are serving our Bites in their freeze-dried state, make sure your dog has access to plenty of fresh water to replenish the natural moisture content that has been removed from the food.

Some pet parents will co-feed our Bites with our raw dog food to give their dog some variety with texture, while still providing a nutritious dry dog food option.  

Many pet parents have found our Bites to be a great option with enrichment toys for their dogs.

Our Bites are also a great way to boost other brand kibbles if raw food isn’t an option for your pet. Many Big Dog customers successfully feed our Bites with kibble to boost the daily nutritional value of their dog’s meal.


Where can I buy Big Dog’s freeze-dried dog food ‘Bites’?

Our Bites are available at pet stores across Australia, and some online pet stores. You can find your local stockist here.  

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