10 Quick Ways to Hydrate Big Dog Little Bites

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by Chefs and Dogs

Let's find out what they are and their benefits.

Myoglobin:  The red liquid from the meat, high in oxygen and iron. Giving your muscles the ability to function.

Coconut water:  Full of electrolytes & nutrients, a great way to switch things up from just water hydration.

Green tea (caffeine free): High in antioxidants, helps the immune system.

Chamomile: Much like green tea high in antioxidants, aims to relax and soothe your dog.

Kefir: Fermented making it low in lactose & providing probiotics to your pet.

Filtered water: Easiest way to help with rehydrating your dog's food, improving digestion.

Greek yoghurt: Although kefir is generally preferred, small amounts of greek yoghurt can provide gut health benefits to your dog.

Bone broth: This stuff is liquid gold, always look for a pet friendly broth avoiding onions and any other unsafe dog ingredients. Here is a DIY recipe bigdogpetfoods.com/guides/bone-broth-and-big-dog-recipe

Egg: The most bioavailable source of protein for your pup makes it a great ingredient to soak with.

Tuna springwater: If it's lunch for yourself or a little extra for your dog, feel free to use the springwater from the tuna or even tinned sardines.

Serving Suggestions

When rehydrating Big Dog Little Bites it is recommended that for each little bite you add 6 mLs of water to reconstitute (a metric teaspoon is approx 5mL).


When introducing any of the new ingredients above to your dog we recommend starting out by using 1 part new ingredient and 5 parts water to soak your Big Dog Little Bites for 15-20mins.

If you would like to know more about soaking quantities or have more amazing ways you like to soak your Big Dog Bites let's chat more over on the Big Dog Family facebook group page.

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